Foam Product Manufacturer

East Rand
Price : R 435,000
Listing Type : Contract Manufacturing
Location : East Rand
Ref No. : 2960
Year Established : 2004
No. of employees : 4
Trading Hours : 8am - 4pm
Turnover : R 54 381 pm
Cost of Sales : R 21 804 pm
Expenses : R 23 493 pm
Net Profit : R 9 083 pm
Asset Value : R 373 180

A foam products manufacturing business located in East Rand, established in 2004 and subsequently acquired by the present owner, presents a lucrative opportunity for prospective buyers. Specializing in an extensive array of foam products, including memory foam, this company serves as a pivotal supplier across diverse industries. From furniture and upholstery to bedding, decor, vehicles, sports, and medical applications, their high-quality foam solutions cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

Committed to excellence, the business prioritizes customer satisfaction, striving to provide top-notch service alongside its premium products. With a dedicated team comprising two front desk staff and two factory workers, the company maintains operational efficiency while delivering on its promises.

As the current owner transitions into retirement, they recognize the immense potential for growth within the dynamic foam industry. They believe that injecting fresh energy and innovation into the business can propel it to new heights. The business is positioned for expansion and increased profitability under the leadership of a younger, forward-thinking individual ready to embrace the challenge.

Priced at R435,000, this business offers a compelling investment opportunity. With an average monthly turnover of R54,381 and a net profit of R9,083, the business demonstrates consistent performance and solid financial viability. For entrepreneurs seeking a thriving enterprise with room for growth and innovation, this foam products manufacturing business presents an attractive proposition.

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