Furniture Manufacturer

Price : R 8,650,000
Listing Type : Furniture
Location : Gauteng
Ref No. : 2868
Year Established : 1997
No. of employees : 50
Trading Hours : 07:15 - 16:15
Turnover : R 1 153 181 pm
Cost of Sales : R 457 895 pm
Expenses : R 396 102 pm
Net Profit : R 294 182 pm
Asset Value : R 8 515 960
Stock Value : R 2 000 000

This business is an outdoor furniture manufacturer that has stood the test of time, established in 1997 and operated as a family business. The business specializes in manufacturing outdoor furniture from recycled materials. The business consists of a large factory and production facility and two retail outlets. This business has over 50+ resellers, some of which have multiple branches and include two of the biggest hardware brands in the country. They also supply products to interior designers and landscapers and sell directly to the public.

This business has highly skilled and reliable employees that have been with the business for more than 20-years. The business processes around 10-tonnes of raw materials per month and has a generator that allows them to continue with 80% production capacity during loadshedding. The asking price is R8 650 000, excluding stock of +-R2million. The business includes assets valued at R8 000 000 and that consist of +-250 product moulds. The business generates an average monthly turnover of R1 153 181 and an average monthly net profit of R294 182 before the owner’s drawings.

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