Immersive Entertainment Business

Price : R 775,000
Listing Type : Entertainment
Location : Gauteng
Ref No. : 2932
Year Established : 2018
No. of employees : 2
Lease Term : Year to Year
Turnover : R 73 275 pm
Cost of Sales : R 1 464 pm
Expenses : R 44 082 pm
Net Profit : R 27 787 pm
Asset Value : R 15 170

A well-established entertainment company with a well-defined history. It was initially founded in 2018 by a previous owner who laid the foundation for the business. In 2020, the current owner took over the business, signifying a change in leadership and ownership.

The heart of the business is its immersive gameplay experience. Players are given a limited timeframe of 60 minutes to solve a diverse range of puzzles. These puzzles, along with the provided clues, lead players towards accomplishing a specific mission or task. The difficulty is designed to challenge participants intellectually while ensuring that the experience remains enjoyable. Players will need creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration to solve the puzzles. Players also have the option to seek guidance from the game facilitators when required, enhancing the inclusivity of the experience.

The business proudly mentions that it has successfully completed its second game scenario, indicating a track record of growth and improvement. Moreover, the business managed to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing resilience and adaptability. The subsequent stability and evidence of growth and profitability despite external challenges are strong indicators of the business’s viability.

The owner’s decision to sell the business is attributed to their involvement in another company that demands a significant portion of their time. The business’s asking price is R775,000. On average, the company generates a monthly turnover of R73,276, resulting in a monthly net profit of R27,787. These figures provide potential buyers with an insight into the financial performance and profitability of the business.

Due Diligence