Lucrative Laundry

Price : R 850,000
Listing Type : Laundry & Cleaning
Location : Durban
Ref No. : 2927
Trading Hours : 7am - 5:30pm
Lease Term : Month to Month
Turnover : R 94 956 pm
Cost of Sales : R 6 986 pm
Expenses : R 58 256 pm
Net Profit : R 29 714 pm
Asset Value : R 100 000

Efficiently run Laundry in central Durban location.

The owner bought the laundry in 2017 and turned the business around with a fully computerised system achieving high growth. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with serious kidney health issues and can’t continue running the business properly therefore his decision to sell.

The main trade is “walk-in” from the neighbouring flats as well as some far-afield areas and a few corporate clients. Dry cleaning is not done in-house but in partnership with a nearby operation. The shop is centrally located in a visible location in a quiet and safe area convenient for customers with good parking.

There is a staff complement of four with a senior staff member that has been with the owner from day one and operates in shifts of 2 per shift. The staff are all dedicated workers able to run the operation with minimal interference from the owner who does not need to spend more than half a day at the shop.

The laundry is well known for the quality of its work which helps to differentiate the business from competitors selling just on price. With the correct marketing plan, it is possible to continue growing the business by calling on security companies, restaurants and small lodges in the area and adding pickup and delivery service.

Due Diligence