Roof Product Manufacturing & Installation

Eastern Cape
Price : R 3,200,000
Listing Type : Construction
Location : Eastern Cape
Ref No. : 2967
Year Established : 2005
No. of employees : 7
Trading Hours : 8am - 5pm
Lease Term : August 2026 exp.
Turnover : R 425 560 pm
Cost of Sales : R 196 995 pm
Expenses : R 116 568 pm
Net Profit : R 111 997 pm
Asset Value : R 1 227 180
Stock Value : R 358 321

This is a well-established family-owned roof finishing product manufacturing and installation business, operational for 19 years, located in the Eastern Cape. The business specializes in manufacturing seamless aluminium gutters for both domestic and semi-commercial clients. These gutters are produced on-site using a mobile roll forming machine with an Ogee profile, ensuring custom lengths tailored to each client’s fascia board, thereby eliminating the need for joints and enhancing the quality of installation.

This business offers seamless aluminium gutters, known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. The high-quality aluminium material used is imported and is particularly advantageous for coastal areas where corrosion is a common issue. This unique selling proposition sets the business apart from competitors and positions it as a market leader in the region.

The business is equipped with all necessary tools and machinery to perform installations with precision and speed. The mobile roll forming machine allows for on-site production, ensuring that each gutter is perfectly sized and fitted, leading to superior customer satisfaction.

The most significant asset of this business is its team of 7 highly skilled and reliable employees, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. This seasoned team is capable of manufacturing and installing gutters for 3-4 standard houses daily, highlighting the operational efficiency and capacity of the business. Over the years this business has built and maintained many long-term relationships with customers and developers.

Asking Price: R3,200,000
Average Monthly Turnover: R425,561
Average Monthly Net Profit: R111,997 (after the owner’s salary)

The business has substantial growth potential, especially in the coastal areas where the demand for corrosion-resistant aluminium gutters is high. With the quality of materials used and the expertise of the team, there is an opportunity to expand their market share further. Additionally, the mobile roll forming capability provides flexibility and a competitive edge, allowing the business to serve a wider geographical area efficiently.

Expanding the service area beyond the Eastern Cape to other coastal regions can increase market reach and revenue. Introducing additional roofing products or related services could attract a broader customer base.

The new owner can invest in digital marketing strategies to increase online presence and attract new customers. One can also leverage partnerships with construction companies and real estate developers for long-term contracts which can provide a steady stream of projects.

Due Diligence