Paint Manufacturer

Cape Town
Price : R 622,950
Listing Type : Manufacturing & Dist.
Location : Cape Town
Ref No. : 2910
Year Established : 2007
No. of employees : 3
Trading Hours : Retail Hours
Turnover : R 291 662 pm
Cost of Sales : R 148 748 pm
Expenses : R 103 214 pm
Net Profit : R 39 700 pm
Stock Value : R 91 400

An opportunity to buy into a Paint manufacturing factory brand that has its credit 18 years of paint industry expertise and has successfully used its expertise to setup independent paint factories for investors (clients) over the last 9 years. This has been achieved by providing a client with the essential tools to ensure effective market entry and immediate return on investment. This includes the necessary equipment and technology; marketing systems development; operational and management systems and training. This is an opportunity to establish your own paint factory under your own brand and be given the freedom to expand operations and grow your brand to a nationally recognized product, available across the Republic of South Africa. The process of setting up a paint manufacturing business is initiated when you and management team of the brand meet to determine the target market. The characteristics of the target market will guide the decision-making process in finding a suitable manufacturing location, premises with suitable requirements, as well as product R&D to successfully access the selected market. This adheres to the four P’s of the marketing: product, price, place and promotion.

To ensure a positive cash flow, as a client you receive R71 400 worth of Raw Material to produce paint and R 20 000 worth of paint accessories. An opening stock value in the region of R150 000 will allow you to generate immediate revenue and assist in fast-tracking the business to financial viability, thereby lessening the burden on your personal financial investment. From a 80 sqm factory the business is projected to generate an average monthly turnover of R291 662, with average monthly cost of sales of R148 748, average monthly expenses of R103 214 and an average monthly net profit of R39 700 after the owner’s drawings.

Due Diligence